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Executive Summary

F2 Systems is a Defense Contractor firm, headquartered in central Georgia, specializing in Information Technology support services and IT facilities management, software application design, database development and administration, web development, web applications development, and Computer Based Training (CBT) software. Our core focus is to develop and deliver comprehensive IT and facilities management services, plus custom software and distance learning products to our Government, Department of Defense and foreign military customers.


We focus on providing comprehensive IT support services, including facilities management services that allow our customers to focus on their jobs, not on their technology appliances and facilities. This requires a complete understanding of the technologies, policies, & procedures that govern the operational requirements of our customers.


We specialize in software application development that automates business operational processes to streamline customer activities, reducing the time-to-market cycle while increasing productivity and quality; specifically for our US Federal Government Customers. When you select our team you are getting the personnel and experience that have planned, employed, and maintained the very systems and services that support our customers today. We believe this is important to our customers, saving them time and money by understanding their needs and providing tailored solutions.